Backlinks & tailor-made backlinks strategy

Backlinks & tailor-made backlinks strategy

Not enough time? Don’t have the skills? We’re here to help you, from the strategy to the keyword tracking.

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Step 1

Defining your needs and strategy

We start with an analysis of your website to identify opportunities and define a tailor-made strategy.

Step 2

Launching the campaign

Once the strategy has been validated, we select the websites that match the best to your criteria.

Step 3

Results analysis

We measure the impact of our backlinks campaign by tracking key performance indicators.

Step 4

Campaign monitoring

We provide ongoing monitoring of the campaign to adapt and optimize the backlinks strategy.

LINKUMA, c'est qui ?

Une équipe de passionnés, à votre


  • Sites généralistes
  • Sites au design personnalisé
  • Garantie indexé ou remplacé
  • 300 mots minimum


  • Metrics des sites visibles
  • Sites thématisés
  • Sites au design personnalisé
  • Garantie indexé ou remplacé
  • 450 mots minimum


30 *à partir de
  • Sites premium avec de belles metrics
  • Metrics des sites visibles
  • Sites thématisés ou non
  • Garantie indexé ou remplacé
  • 500 mots minimum

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I've never been disappointed with Linkuma, and they always add value, whether in the videos or in the e-mail exchanges.


A complete service to manage my backlinks from a to z while making sure I understood everything, that's what the platform offered me on my two orders so I recommend and add a review with great pleasure.

Karine Dy

For a new project dedicated to the world of disability,, we're calling on Linkuma, a netlinking platform, to provide us with a few free links to help us get the word out about the site. Linkuma is offering us 70 links starting in January 2024! Imagine every backlink as a star: the more you have, the brighter your site shines in the web galaxy, attracting Google's attention and new visitors. Far beyond anything we could have hoped for. Many thanks

Frédéric Jézégou
Frédéric Jézégou


Right now, it's THE best netlinking platform on the market fr... There are several reasons for this. - The links are of high quality and index quickly. - The platform is clear and easy to understand. - The affiliation system is fun - AND, above all, the support is extremely responsive, and that's a BIG plus! Don't ever change that! Good luck!

Romain de braekeleer

Excellent support from really qualified people. Thanks to them, it's easy to see the difference, even with a lot of competition!


The Linkuma team is very proactive. The quality of the links purchased is highly relevant, and we can clearly see the difference in our projects. In fact, we carried out a test using Linkuma alone, and the performance was spot on.

Valentin Ducrettet

I opted for the Linkuma platform because I was on a tight budget. To my surprise, the BLs were of high quality. I also benefited from free support and advice. They really lived up to my expectations. An experience to be repeated!

Belkacem DERRIDJ

A company that makes it easy to buy links and exploit this lever properly. Even if article copywriting isn't extraordinary, links are enough to perform most of the time.


Very satisfied with Linkuma. Prices are finally reasonable vs. other platforms. And the quality is spot on. Big plus for the delegation!

Julie Vicart
Julie Vicart

Top value for money, accessible and responsive team. I can only recommend Linkuma. Thanks for a job well done!

Julien Douay
Julien Douay

Very serious company run by passionate people. I haven't been disappointed yet, the quality/price ratio is perfect!


It's really a great platform with a team that listens. They are dynamic and always available, but above all, their service is of the highest quality! Thanks to them.

Mashinda Kazadi

Mohamed really listens to his customers. They offer real support that sometimes even goes beyond netlinking, and that's incredible. All the best to the whole team after this crazy BF!


Frankly, I rarely add reviews, but I love their service. They really are quality, with unbeatable prices and incredible support.

Lucas K

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Here are some data about the websites we offer:

Living websites

We love to keep our websites alive by publishing regular articles.


Do you want backlinks from a precise topic ? We've got topical websites too!


A useful backlink is an indexed backlink. If your backlink is not indexed within 21 days, we'll give you an extra backlink for free!


Every month, we support a charity free of charge.Contact us to find out more!

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Join us today and benefit from free tailor-made assistance. Our team of SEO experts is on hand to guide you through every stage of your backlinks strategy, ensuring that your goals are not only met, but exceeded.

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Backlinks audits
Seo strategy

We answer your questions

A link is only of interest if it's indexed. That's why we've designed our websites to maximize article indexing: long, rich articles, internal linking, categories, articles without backlinks, and so on.
Despite all our efforts, some articles may take a long time to be indexed. So we replace any non-indexed link within 21 days, while keeping the first article, of course, because at LINKUMA, we always go the extra mile for you!